Brad Thor, THE ATHENA PROJECT, and a Movie Deal on Glenn Beck Radio Today

Today Glenn Beck had his close friend and best selling author Brad Thor on talking about his new book THE ATHENA PROJECT. It was a great exchange between the two conspiracy enthusiasts.

Brad’s newest book THE ATHENA PROJECT sounds like an incredible book and as we learned will now be made into a mainstream Hollywood movie.

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Here is details of the book to movie rumors out there: Warner Bros Plots Femme-Driven Franchise In Brad Thor’s ‘The Athena Project’

EXCLUSIVE: Allow me to end the big guessing game that has been playing out over the past 24 hours on where the new Brad Thor novel The Athena Project will land as a feature film. I’m told that Warner Bros is making a preemptive deal to buy the book. It will be published November 23 by Atria. Bill Gerber and Casey Wasserman are producing. The Athena Project introduces an elite all-female Delta┬áteam made up of four agents who try to stop a terror attack on American soil. After a terror attack in Rome kills 23 Americans, the agents are sent to hunt down the Venetian arms dealer who supplied the explosives. This leads to a much larger terrorist conspiracy. Thor is best known for the book series featuring Navy SEAL Scot Harvath, a protagonist who has driven such thrillers as The Lions of Lucerne and Blowback. Those books were previously bought by the studio, which gave Warner Bros an “in” with the author and an inside track on the new book. Both are being shepherded by exec Jon Berg. (

Also here is some of the discussion from today’s show with Brad Thor and Glenn Beck regarding THE ATHENA PROJECT:

GLENN: Okay. So Brad has written another great book. It’s called The Athena Project. It’s available in bookstores everywhere. Give me the synopsis of it.

THOR: Well, it’s a thriller and it’s based upon, I found out from some of thigh contacts that Delta Force has quietly been haunting high end female athletic events, particularly triathlons in Hawaii, tapping some of these women on the shoulder saying, hey, you know what? How about you come be of service to your nation. And Delta Force has been training up some pretty high speed women to go out there and do some of this nation’s most dangerous business. And I thought that’s a great premise for a thriller. I did it and now Warner Brothers has picked it up and they are going to be turning it into a movie.

GLENN: This book?

THOR: Yep.

GLENN: It just came out.

PAT: That’s pretty cool.

THOR: Yep. They got an advance copy, they went nuts for it, and Hollywood’s talking about it. Everybody wants to be in the movie, attached to the movie. That’s a big deal, very exciting.

PAT: Jennifer Gardner.

GLENN: Is she great?

PAT: Got to get her.

GLENN: Is she great?

THOR: And double the salary. I’ll match her salary if she’ll leave Ben Affleck. That would Santa, if I could have anything for Christmas.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Aren’t you married?

THOR: I’m married. I just don’t like Ben Affleck and I used to love the show Alias and that guy killed one of the best shows on television by

GLENN: Alias was great.

PAT: It was a great show.

GLENN: It was one of the best shows.

THOR: It was

GLENN: J. J. Abrams is unbelievable.

THOR: Lost, Alias. I’ve got pictures on my website, People like why are you so anti Ben Affleck. I’ve got a picture of Jennifer Garner in one of her outfits on Alias and I have her and Ben Affleck, and then I have her coming out of a Starbucks, pregnant, no makeup on and then six lattes in her arms. And then Alias, final season cancelled. That’s why I hate Ben Affleck. The guy destroys everything he touches!

GLENN: (Laughing). He doesn’t feel passionate about it at all.

THOR: Why can’t we get him in the White House instead of that guy from Harold and Kumar? Go to White Castle. Let him work some of that great Affleck magic in the White House.

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